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Spotted Dog Group is all about design and creativity!

The registered trade name was inspired by a very special Dalmatian puppy in 1991.....
and encompasses all of Sheila's artistic endeavors since that time.
Every aspect of Sheila's education (commercial art, photo journalism, creative writing and media/advertising) has played a role in her creative endeavors that have evolved over time.
As the saying goes: one thing leads to another..............

It was the fall of 1993 when Sheila took over the position of editor for "the Aggregate", a corporate news publication for the family's highway construction business. Learning computer skills on-the-fly, she took the piece to a new level - presenting information about all the spokes* of the wheel (*divisions of the company throughout VT and NH) with articles reporting on "what-where-when-and how" ~ with a focus on "who"... featuring the many valued employees and their vital roles which enable the wheel to turn smoothly... while also including columns from personnel department (human resources), sharing important highlights in the lives of employee's families. Thus was the naissance of Spotted Dog Press!

The skills acquired while developing and publishing "the Aggregate" were utilized a few years later, teaching the 7th and 8th grade students at St. Joseph's Regional School to create and publish the school's yearbook (where Sheila's children attended). Although the "in-house" publication, with printing out-sourced professionally, saved the school considerable expense... the real benefit of this endeavor was the knowledge and pride gained by the students. The project allowed the students involved to explore their individual areas of interest - from finances and business to organization and creativity.
Driven by the desire to find buyers for the large family home, "Flying Cloud Farm" (a very unique property), and discouraged by the lack of promotion, over a 2 year period by local realtors, POSTERIOR - Expansion & renovation to include 6000 sq. ft. Sheila exercised her education and background to create a viable website.
Bear in mind... this was in 1998, when the World Wide Web had advanced beyond the stage of infancy and fledgling - but was still in the toddler phase! Needless to say ~ the site is very primitive by today's standards! However... the website, combined with a targeted marketing plan, enabled Sheila to sell the property within 6 months (thus... a success by any standards!) ~ and came to produce several requests for web design/development... even though unsolicited.

LINK to view website for Flying Cloud Farm
The formation of Spotted Dog Group Web Design & Marketing was soon to follow. Along with the many clients, came the exciting challenge of daily learning curves associated with the Internet during this time period and the ability to release creative energy while developing productive venues. What more could a girl want? ...particularly as the children were now of high school age, no longer needing/wanting 'room mothers' or volunteer 'art teachers'! (Effective 2006 - No longer accepting clients)
LINK to view Spotted Dog Group web design examples

A native of NH, Sheila and her family spent summers on Lake Sunapee for 20 years at their Bay Point home, before making it their primary residence in 1998. Purchasing a dilapidated corner property in Sunapee Harbor
and drawing from her creativity along with extensive travel experience, Sheila designed and built what is known today as ‘Sunapee Harbor Cottages’, hosting year-round vacationers since January 2002.
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Sunapee Harbor, Lake Sunapee, NH
Pale Pink Phlox with Bright Pink Core Canary Yellow Daylily Cransbill Geranium
When landscaping began in the spring at Sunapee Harbor Cottages, new inspiration was founded while establishing colorful ‘cottage gardens’. The gardens, which now encompass more than a third of the property, came to serve as a canvas/palette during the summer… followed by harvesting and packaging seeds in the fall - to share the beauty with others and stimulate creative vision.

With the children grown and off to college, a south-west corner room on the second floor was converted to a painting studio, serving as a creative haven during the winter months – transforming items from discarded to desired and tired to rejuvenated
(stemming from the three R’s instilled from childhood: recycle - reclaim - restore)! Old frames are brought to life as whimsical mirrors and hostess trays - scrap wood becomes functional home accessories and fanciful garden components – orphaned furniture gains a cheerful, ‘cottage style’ presence – and candle remnants are recycled into painted clay pots… which can be used to grow plants, once the burning glow is exhausted!

(to be activated soon)

Custom and Commissioned Projects:

Sheila now creates specialty pieces for many clients. Need a mirror or coat rack - with a specific color scheme and/or size?

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a new look? Or a yard-sale treasure that needs a new life?

(to be activated soon)

Are you searching for unique sculpted garden art, cast birdbath, or special fountain? Sheila works with Greg Kelley to create custom concrete pieces.

Are you remodeling your kitchen and want to utilize "green" construction/components?
Concrete Countertops are as versatile as they are eco-friendly and can be implemented inside or out.... with the added benefit of low maintenance and durability!

The examples shown here reflect custom concrete counters utilizing white concrete with natural aggregates and recycled glass, featuring embedded stars with radiant heat. The dog's dining area in this home also boasts a matching concrete top!

Concrete Countertops are built to meet each clients individual specifications and can include the unique option of heat! That's right.... no more COLD surfaces!!!! LINK to

The joyful anticipation of a grandbaby in 2008 provided the incentive and motivation to design and illustrate a Baby Journal with a unique concept: furnishing appropriate space to document a child’s life from conception through college – allowing plenty of room for photos – including pockets to hold and save all that’s precious – provisions for journal expansion – and consideration to ease of maintaining the journal. Although created as a "one-of-a-kind" gift for grandson, Aaron... due to popular demand, this memory book of rave reviews will soon be available for purchase - with proceeds allocated for Aaron's college fund
(a gift more special than initially ever imagined!)

LINK to  (to be activated soon)

The creative direction of Spotted Dog Group will most likely continue to evolve, as it has to this point ~ in conjunction with life's twists and turns. But it is certain that "Coach", the inspirational Spotted Dog and Sheila’s best buddy through 2007 (most likely the influence behind Sheila's spotted/dotted designs??), will forever remain a very special part of her soul, and a constant reminder of her most valued life lesson: unconditional love.
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